Welcome to the SCI Malaysia official website. SCI is an international voluntary peace organization with 45 branches around the world, believes that all people are capable of living together with mutual respect and without violence.

Key Activities

December 2021


Flood Relief Actions
Plus New Shoes for 138 students

In mid Dec 2021, we experienced torrential rainfall and one of the worst flooding ever in KL and several states in Malaysia. More than 125,000 people were evacuated and at least 54 deaths were reported. Besides the Federal and States emergency response to it, the rapid and spontaneous actions from the Public and NGOs were most heartening.

SCI members joined Residential Associations and NGO groups in various relief work, collected donations, foodstuff, water, clothing. pampers electrical items and many more stuff to two Collection Points i.e. Temerloh n Hulu Langat – this was coordinated by Muthiah, Michael, Faridah, Edward. Sona, Stephen and friends. We also managed to visit a few affected homes and handed over some donations and electrical items to replace their damaged ones.

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September 2021


Human Library 
4 Countries , 4 Stories

In conjunction with International Day of Peace that takes place on 21st September annually, this year SCI Malaysia has organized a virtual Human Library with the aim of promoting conversations on volunteerism to better our understanding of diversity to help create more inclusive communities across cultural, religious, social, ethnic differences. The topics for this Human Library is Volunteering for Peace where our human ‘books’ shared their stories on volunteering initiatives, projects in their own country.

We were very happy to have human ‘books’ in sharing their stories and engage conversations with our 28 ‘readers’. Most of our ‘readers’ do not experience in human library and we hope this marks the beginning of more conversations with people that are different from us to listen to their stories, to have open communications and try to understand each other.

SCI Malaysia would like to thank all our human ‘books’ and ‘readers’ from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Netherlands of different gender, ethnicity, and age in coming together for our Human Library event. 

August 2021


Project 99+1 Nasi Ahad

SCI Malaysia added responses during this pandemic with Project: 99+1 Nasi Ahad (100 free packet meal) on the 1st Aug 2021. Plan to continue for next 20 Sundays till end of the year. Thanks to Alfred and team for organising and coordinating this project. We were able to distribute to all the different communities and 2 families who just returned from the quarantine center. Volunteers, donors welcome to join in 👌 It was fun.. and so nice to see their smiling faces...if nothing else 100 people +volunteers were happier today.

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